Week 7 Presentation: Andrew's Script

Projects Aims

·         To develop my understanding of real control systems. 

·         To become more familiar with the hardware of control systems and their interfaces.

·         To investigate the uses of software in a control system.

·         To apply skills learnt in electronics and control lectures to this problem.

·         To have an impressive project product.


Project Significance

·         Mixture of real-world and virtual system.

·         Interpretation of data to determine certain responses.

·         Absolute necessity for reliability and response time.

·         Complex, unstable system being controlled.

·         Two outputs used to control movement in five directions. (YAW, PITCH, ROLL, X, Y)

·         An autonomous unicycle is something that has not been done effectively before.



·         Progression from the Integrated Design Project.

·         Interface between software and hardware, similar to a MIDI controller.

 ·         ‘Hands-on’ programming with physical output rather than data manipulation project as in Year in Industry.


Context of electronics in project

·         To be invisible, integrated, robust and reliable.

·         Analogue and Digital Electronics, Electrical, Software and Signals.


Plan to Achieve Aims


1.      Determine variables.

2.      Determine sensors.

3.      Determine controller and system requirements.

4.      Determine behaviour of sensors.

5.      Build and test circuits.

6.      Interface sensors with controller.

7.      Develop control software.

8.      Balance unicycle in pitch axis.

9.      Balance unicycle in roll axis.

10. Extensive testing.

11. Learning algorithm readiness.


Progress to date

1.      Two outputs, seven state variables.


2.      Infra-red sensors, Rate Gyroscopes, Tachometers using IR sensors and potentiometer.

3.      Bandwidth budget & Interface card.

4.      Calibrated IR sensors and Gyros.

5.      Software writing and circuit design in progress.

6.      Analysis of drive control system.


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